An unexpected surprise

So Christine Lee had asked me to help her flyer for her Executive Vice President Campaign.  I decided, even though I don’t like the flyering, I should try to help a friend in need.  I was passing them out in between Moffitt and Doe Library.  As I was passing them out, some one called out the name “Allen.”  I knew I had heard the voice before.  I was like “Laura?”  My ears we’re deceiving me.  It was her.  An old friend from high school who had gone to Santa Monica College.  She was on Spring Break and touring colleges to see which to transfer too.  Lucky enough for me, one of them was Berkeley.  I saw her and we began catching up and such.  I took her and a few of her friends around Telegraph and over to Naan and Curry, and we talked about Berkeley.  We talked about what was available on campus and what I’ve done here.  It was only an hour, but I think I convinced them that Berkeley would be a cool place for them to attend.

It’s funny how much you appreciate the school after talking to people like that.  I mean around Santa Monica College or any other college for that matter, you’re not going to find a place Telegraph or Berkeley in general.

So I guess I was surprised three times today.  Laura was unexpected, my revitalized love of this school came out of nowhere, and there was actually a good thing about flyering, for if I hadn’t done it, none of this would have happened.