The Funnies #2-Job Losses Under the Bush Administration

One of Time Magazine’s Cartoons of the Week-February 21-27

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4 Replies to “The Funnies #2-Job Losses Under the Bush Administration”

  1. Lol! I’m assuming you’re not voting for Bush then, huh? =) But then I wonder how much I really want Kerry as president… *sigh* Where’s Dean when you need him? =P

    1. Kerry a Bush

      I interpreted the cartoon as actually kind of supporting Bush. I mean it’s knocking the unemployment rate, but it is saying that Bush managed to get so many terrorists out of a job. That said, I’m still not voting for Bush, though I still think he’s going to win the election.

      Yeah, I was surprised the Dean Machine was stopped by Kerry. I mean to me Kerry came out of nowhere when he won Iowa. I actually was in favor of Edwards at the time of the primaries (though I admit none of the democratic candidates thrilled me). Well there’s still Ralph Nader…LOL (though I actually would have liked him if he hadn’t decided to run all of a sudden as an independent).

      1. Re: Kerry a Bush

        True, but then I was also looking at the other cartoons you posted on your lj =) I’m not sure if Bush is going to win, it’s pretty close this year.

        Is Nader really going to run? I heard about it but I thought he wasn’t sure. *sigh* I feel like this year it’s about picking the lesser of two evils! =P

        1. Re: Kerry a Bush

          Nader is running and this has been two straight elections of choosing the lesser of two evils. I don’t think there’s been one that wasn’t like that since Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

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