A Little Bored

There seems to be nothing else to do right now, but write.  I got down with my last test, the Bio 1A lab exam, about 4 hours ago.  Man was that brutal.  Coupling with a chem lab and an 8 AM lecture, and you have a recipe for problems.  Good news is I finally talked to that cute girl in my bio lab, but all I did was explain part of the exam to her (and not as well as I usually do either).

It’s a little weird making first impressions on people in general.  Depending on the situation (time, place, mood, and a whole mess of other variables), people can form so many judgments about you in a rather short time frame.  I sometimes wonder how well I make a first impression.  I know people think of me as helpful, nice, or funny, but sometimes I’ve heard people describe me as arrogant, mean, and serious.  I just wonder when and where each of those characteristics take place.  Oh well, no sense worrying about things like that, but first impressions are still important.

I’ve noticed though I’ve been trouble even making the simplest of conversations.  The other day I was talking to my friend Shosanna and usually we can talk about a lot of things, but for while we actually didn’t have anything to talk about.  Perhaps, it was because we were tired, or just didn’t feel like briefing each other on every detail of our lives, but still, we used to carry on and on about things that weren’t important or anything.  Well I guess that just happens to some people though.  I mean sometimes you’re mind just goes blank, but then suddenly it just comes to you.  Like it’s on the tip of your tongue and then all of sudden it bursts out at the weirdest time.  Kind of like that.  I also realized how little I talk to people in general now.  I used to walk around parts of campus and just talk to people I see for long periods of time, but now all I do is wave and say hi.  It’s kind of the same way at home too, as I don’t think I’ve had a conversation about anything that’s not business related in the longest time.  It sure gets a little difficult sometimes.

Wow, there’s like no one to talk to on AIM or anything.  Talking to someone could sure ease the boredom right now.

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