Making a Splash

You know I realized it’s not the 8 AM classes that are bugging me, it’s the back to back labs.  It means I actually have to go to class and hand something in, in order to get credit for it.  Not only that, but spending 4 hours in one class certainly doesn’t make things any easier.  Oh well, part of the job (though not exactly the part I enjoy).

So I hosted an improv comedy night over at my frat, last Friday.  It was pretty funny at times, particularly the drinking games (and the jokes made about me).  Perhaps putting in more of those two will make the night go better next time. 

The next day was construction day, where we decided to fix up a lot of the house.  Granted a lot of the projects weren’t done, but it was still a bonding experience and very rewarding.  The reward came in the form of a pool party the next day, where everyone (except me) swam and enjoyed themselves on a hot day.  I find it weird that it’s mostly my friends who seem to be enjoying what the frat has to offer, as they come over for events like this and the improv.  That’s pretty cool.

Speaking of water, it reminds me that I met a varsity swimmer from MIT last week named Chris Lucas.  He was visiting and stayed at our house for a while, interviewing for a graduate position in psychology.  He’s hoping to do some research involving language learning and computers.  I hung out with him for a while and I hope he gets in. Personally, I think it’d be cool knowing a grad student in the psych department in Berkeley.

Finally, I got back from a little get together at David “Lucky” or “Flipper” Singer’s new apartment.  It just occurred to me that he’s switched addresses in between every fall and spring semester, so I always have to see his new place.  I hope that trend doesn’t continue, as it’s getting harder and harder to come over.

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  1. Improv Comedy Night wasn’t quite as good as Shakespeare Night, but there were a lot of funny moments (at least for the time I was there).

    Thanks for inviting me, Allen, I had a good time. You guys are crazy, but who isn’t over here?
    Keep’em parties coming.

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