Spring Break 2004 #1

Last Friday, March 19, Steve and I went to meet our old friend Chihyon.  She came over from Korea and she’s going to be in the states for the next three months.  Yay.  The three of us had dinner at the Berkeley Faculty Club.  They serve good food, but it was expensive to eat there.  I loved how Steve endlessly compared how the students are forced to eat poor cafeteria food at the DCs and yet they serve food in such elegant meals to the faculty.  Then we decided to check out Henry’s bar for drinks.  Steve blamed me for the waitress carding him, as look far younger than 21 (then again, I look far younger than 19), but I don’t think she believed “I’m an international student waiting for my ID to come in the mail.”  Chihyon then left us for home, and the two of us went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I thought it started off a bit poorly for my taste, but as it progressed, the movie got a lot better, though the ending was something to be desired.  Recommended viewing (if you’re seeing it with you’re significant other, and no Steve did not count as my significant other, highly recommended).

I ran into a high school friend, Pedro, on my way to the Airport on Saturday.  I met his wife, whose name I can’t spell. She apparently recognized me from this picture. They live over on Shattuck and Bancroft, and she’s enjoying her first year at Cal and Pedro works over in San Francisco to support the two of them. It’s scary; he’s only like a few months older than me and she’s probably younger than I am, and they’re married.

So it’s Spring Break now.  I had to go back home for a little family reunion on Sunday, March 21.  Nice getting to see some family again, though I had to see them over at Rose Hill over my late grandfathers plot.  Well, it was still nice, not really as somber as it make it seem.  On a more positive note, I got my new digital camera that day.  It’s nice, but I really don’t have many pictures to take.  Well, that should hopefully change soon.  Alright, well there’s not much that’s happening to me so far.  Talk to you later.

Funny Quote-Some people I passed by on the way to the BART station: “He choked on pop rocks.  How do you choke on pop rocks?”
(Editors Note: How do you choke on pop rocks?)

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