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I don’t get to see a lot of movies and when I do see them, I rarely write more than three sentences about them in my journal.  Well I thought I would make an exception just this once (yeah I don’t really have much to write about).  With that, here are my thoughts on Kill Bill, Volume 1 and The Passion of the Christ.

Kill Bill, Volume 1: Yeah I know it’s been around for a while, but finally saw this movie over at Wheller Hall a few weeks ago. I must say it does impress.  First off, a side note, I never thought of a mace as a cool weapon until I saw this movie.  I personally loved how they told the story of this movie, as it goes in an order that isn’t exactly chronological.  There is one main problem with the movie is that is a lot of action and not a lot of story telling.  However,  there is plenty of style with an awesome sound track and killer moves.  A great movie for people who enjoy the action more than the story.

The Passion of the Christ: I will say that I didn’t find the film anti-Semitic at all, but then again I’m not Jewish.  I saw this on Saturday with some of my Christian friends, and I must say I had a bit of a different feel for this movie than they did, though I’m not sure exactly how it was different.  This movie is a good one that I will recommend if you’re not scared of blood and punishment.  There is a lot of it in this movie and plenty of it so that you may want to look away and definitely makes you not want to pay for admission.  If you’re not afraid of gore though, it’s worth seeing, but I expected The Passion to be a better film than what I saw.

Extra, Extra, Read all aboutMark Fiore columns: The internet’s own set of liberal political Flash animations.  I particularly like The Rovers, a rather amusing take on the race to be the Democratic candidate for president.

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