California Voice

While checking out Calstuff the other day, there was a link to a publication called California Voice.  It’s a small publication that comes out ill-frequently (there are no regular distribution dates), which I believe is either caused by the magnitude and scope of the magazine or just laziness of the creators.  I tend to believe the former, as the magazine tends to go quite in depth into an issue it discusses.  However, the infrequency of its publication maybe why their readership is so small, and why the latest issue is online only.  Not exactly the best thing to do when you’re a fairly unknown publication.  It shouldn’t be that way though, as I’ve read through a couple of the articles and feel that it has got to be one of the better publications at Berkeley.  Check them out.

Funny Quote-“God forsaken smack”-Me when things don’t go right(don’t ask me why that’s funny)

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