Super Weekend

Last Saturday, the bros of ADPhi and I went over to Tahoe for a little fun in the snow. I didn’t get to ski or snowboard, but I did go sledding, which was fun. There was a lot of other stuff that happened, that I shouldn’t say in order to avoid incriminating myself; let’s just say it was one of the few times we actually lived up to some frat stereotypes. It was a great weekend, overall, with a lot of brothers bonding and such.

Super Bowl Sunday came around, and the matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots was actually a good one. Given the combination of Janet Jackson’s boob, the Streaker at the game (CBS did not show this), and the fact that the game was good makes this one of the best Super Bowls ever.

Back at Berk, classes were waiting and such. I actually find them a lot of them interesting this semester, except for the tedium that is the laboratory. Taking two long labs on back to back days was probably not the best idea in the world. Oh well, at least lectures are interesting. The seminars I am taking are also startlingly informative. I’ll leave you now with some Interesting Facts I gathered.

Interesting Fact-The average student who lives in the Cal dorms showers for an average time of seventeen minutes. (source: Environment Science 84)
-Last year, the department at Cal with the highest percentage of people who get accepted to med school has a 100% acceptance rate. Which department? Political Science, which was 1 for 1. (source: Physics 84)