Valentine’s Day…Bah Humbug

Err…My subprofile was accident deleted. I had so much good stuff on it too, from jokes to links. I’m so annoyed by that, I’m not even gonna bother making a new one.

Anyways, back to Valentine’s Day and why I sound like the Scrooge during this holiday. I don’t know I guess to me everything about this holiday feels, well phony. I mean come on St. Valentine? That doesn’t even sound like a real saint. Then there’s the idea that we have to make sure that someone you love knows you love them too. Come on. Love is something, as corny as it may sound, that happens all year round. There doesn’t need to be a day for that…

Okay, I just realized I added nothing original to the argument against Valentine’s Day. I suppose I’m just a bitter about it, since I never really shared a Valentine’s Day with anyone. Would they change my outlook on Valentine’s though? Probably not, and neither will three Spirits who would supposedly visit me tonight if I’m still a Scrooge.

It’s not only this that feels phony to me, but in this society, so many things just don’t feel real. I guess that’s why I can be callous sometimes; I sometimes just don’t know when people get hurt of how to sympathize with some people. Now really I’m a sensitive person, but there are times when I just don’t care about things and I just can’t get attached to some things. So really, I guess it’s hard for me to make connections that I feel would last. I’d like them to, but I guess I’m not the kind of person who likes to work at it. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I guess I’ll leave be.

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