Rush Week Spring 2004

Well folks, I guess my life has been eventful in the last few days. ADPhi has had a few events over the last few weeks. Last Friday, we had Broomball and boy was that awesome. Surprisingly, I managed to score three goals that night (much to the chagrin of Steve, who I had scored 2 goals of my goals on), despite falling down so many times. Saturday, our “Let’s Get It On” Party became “Let’s Get Our Game On” as we had board games, poker, and DDR for the event. Surprisingly, people were telling me they had a lot of fun; heck, Vicky even decided against going to another party for ours. Man, it feels so good to hear people say they had fun over and over again.

The next week I went to see Arj Barker and a couple of other comedians over at the Bear’s Lair on Monday. Man, that was so funny with the Lord of the Ring Jokes and all. In particular, I liked how Barker made fun of people I knew from David Duman, frat bro and chief editor of Squelch, Billy Mack, another frat bro, and of course, myself, for checking my watch an excessive amount of times. Speaking of knowing people, it’s great that we had free tickets thanks to the frat connection, but shame we couldn’t give away the extra tickets we had. Then, just yesterday, I finally met livejournal buddy Mihai and his friend Alyn at our Shakespearean Kegger. It wasn’t as good as it was last semester when the Cal Snowboarding club came over, but I think people had a good time (at least those people who were there).

So all in all, I’ve been having a fun time with the frat, but interestingly enough, I’m not in a particularly good mood. Perhaps, it’s because of the schedule I hate so very much with the 8 AM classes every morning and all the gaps in between. I guess it reminds me a lot of the Spring of 2003, probably what I would call my least favorite semester here at Cal so far. The more I look back at it, the more I realized how much I really didn’t like that semester. There was just so much in what amounted to sheer drama that semester and it sure didn’t make things very fun. Well, I’m hoping things don’t go that way, but some feeling keeps telling me something is going happen and I am not going to like it. Oh what am I saying? I mean I’m having fun, aren’t I? That’s something I’m going to have to ponder a bit. Good night.

Funny QuoteHenry Lew: “So, were you flattered when Amanda called you cute?”
Jennifer Lew: “Well, I would have been if I didn’t know she likes to eat stale cookies and drink flat soda.”

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  1. spring semester

    Funny how scheduling makes one recall previous semesters, and puts you in the same frame of mind. If it makes you feel any better, Spring 2003 was quite horrible for me too…I contemplated withdrawing. But it is a new semester, and maybe the 8 am classes will turn you into an early bird like me? Yeah? No?
    If I didn’t tell you I had a great time at the party too! I am still angry at myself for losing at Trivial Pursuit…but now I will read up and kick all of your butts! Until then, thank you for always showing me a great time!

    1. Re: spring semester

      Awww, that’s so good to hear. Hmm, I would feel better about being an early bird if the sun was out at the same time I was up, but hey it happens. Well, we didn’t lose at Trivial Pursuit nor did we win, but I’ll be shaking in fear if I have to play against you next time.

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