First Impressions of the Spring 2004

Ah the first week of classes and I have to say, 8 AM classes everyday hasn’t honestly been as bad as I thought it would be (though, it has been only two days). I wonder how long I can keep it up though, but with no lecture webcasts for both my morning classes, it looks like it’ll have to be “early to rise, and early to bed” (much to my chagrin). Oh well, at least I know a lot of people in my morning classes; they are the same people I’ve been taking the MCB classes with for a while and it looks like I’m getting to meet some new people too. Hopefully, some of them can turn into potential brothers of my fraternity, which is currently having a multitude of events. Check my aim profile for more details or just ask me.

Funny Quote-“You mean this isn’t Math 1B…oh f***,” some guy who went to my Chem 3B lecture by mistake.