Microsoft Settlement Money


A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about certain Microsoft software acquired by consumers and businesses between February 18, 1995 and December 15, 2001 for use in California. People and businesses that are covered by the settlement can get vouchers that may be redeemed for cash after buying eligible computer products. If you or your business is covered by the settlement, you can get more information, send in a claim form to get vouchers, or object to the settlement. The Court-ordered notice and other documents at this website explain the settlement, the benefits it provides, and the options that you have, including how to submit a claim form. Claim forms are due by March 15, 2004

What this means is if you bought Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Works Suite, or Home Essentials in between 1995 and 2001, even if it came with your computer, that means you can get some cash vouchers for your purchase, as part of the Microsoft Antitrust suit. Get more details and a claim form at