“You don’t write much do you?”

Apparently, I don’t write enough stories. Remember how I had resolved to finally write my stories that I had in my head? Now I remember why I didn’t write them in the first place: they aren’t very good. For example, me and my pal Eduardo had wanted to make a movie last summer, but we never got a script going. I scraped a previous script, but as I told Shoshanna, I was gonna turn it into a short story. The premise of the story was one man going back in time to save his friend from the lonely existence he would eventually lead. What caused it? The friend never had a chance with the girl next door. Why? Because our main character ended up marrying her. Sort of interesting I suppose. Well this is what I have so far:

Untitled (as of now)-Darkness in Illuminated Cove
  It was a cold, wet night in Illuminated Cove. It had been like this for the last two days, for the rain had come pouring down unrelenting. The streets of the town, usually busy with life, had been emptied. The people of the cove huddled indoors, bundled in the safety of their own homes and loved ones. The once friendly roads that were as easy to tame as a friendly Labrador became as wild as the storm itself. This was an unfriendly night to be out. For John Sanchez, though, every night was an unfriendly night.
  John had been living alone for the last 10 years. He had no family, no friends. Nobody. Nobody to share the day with. Nobody to catch up with. Not one soul. To him, the storm made the day no different from any other. He spent most of his time huddled indoors and off the roads, away from the world, as if everyday there was a big storm.
  This day, though, he did decide to go outside. The storm had broken one of his fuses, leaving his home as dark as he sees the rest of the world. John had felt it was okay to drive out on the rain soaked streets. In fact, he was looking forward to it. “Less traffic,” he thought.
  John was right, there was less traffic. “Not a car in sight,” he said to himself. With not a car in sight, though, no one could have seen him lose control on the slippery road and hit that light post. Nobody saw the wreck for hours and when the paramedics came to the scene, they knew right away if just someone, anyone, had called them earlier, John would have survived the wreck.

Hmm, it’s better than I thought, but I’ve having so much trouble with the rest.

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  1. Ooh, you should write more! I like the whole idea of the paradox going on with the main character and his friend =)

    I think the best way to write is either to get drunk (I never tried this but my friend said it works really well) or just get really tired and just write without thinking. Those ones are usually the best ones =)

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