The “When Harry Met Sally” Entry

So I was reading a friend’s Xanga site when I stumbled onto an entry about the relations of men and women. In it, she talks about how she believes men and women can’t be friends (though not altogether seriously). All I have to say is “ha”. I mean come on all of us are friends with some member of the opposite sex, right (if not, talk to me and we can rectify that easily)? Honestly, I can’t believe that’s true. I mean the first friends I ever made were girls. When guys still thought girls had cooties, I befriended them. To this day, I know many a member of the opposite sex of whom I can proudly call my friend and I hope I can keep calling them friends for a long time. I was curious as to how this could not be possible.

Further into the entry, there was like to a website, the Featured Website, called The Ladder Theory Master Page. I took a look at this and laughed, laughed, laughed. It is a humorous page (as it was meant to be) about a model for male-female interactions called Ladder Theory (which is supposedly a real theory which the webmaster explains in a very sarcastic fashion). In it, men have one single ladder where they place every women, attractive or unattractive, they’ve met onto a scale of who they’d be likely to have relations with. Meanwhile, women have two ladders, one for friend ranking and one for relationship ranking. Why is there only one ladder for men and two ladders for women? Apparently, it is, because men think about sex in every single relationship with women (be they attractive or not), where as women like to categorize the two. I don’t know; there are truths in the pages I admit, like male attraction being based mostly on looks. However, I don’t like the idea that I only made friends with girls, just because I wanted to have sex with them. I showed some people the site and asked a few people what they thought:

Funny Quotemnk17fx (12:42:05 AM): hmm interesting, i was reading my friends xanga, she thinks guys and girls can’t be friends
mnk17fx (12:42:07 AM): yeah right
knightangel007 (12:42:29 AM): she needs to be introduced to me

Funny Quotechichi8100 (12:48:57 AM): hey women dont go for money and power
chichi8100 (12:49:05 AM): at least not until after graduating

VickyD8183 (12:50:34 PM): omg, this is hilarious
VickyD8183 (12:50:51 PM): kinda accurate though

Check out the site and let me know what you think. It is interesting and I do love how they quote from When Harry Met Sally to explain this ladder theory.

(Did I just write a men’s magazine type entry? Wow, was right.)