Winter Break 2003 #1

Okay I just realized it’s kind of an annoying habit to write about things that happened to me last week or about things I found in the news in the last few weeks. Well, I’ll try to avoid it, but I don’t usually like short entries and I like using this journal as keeping notes on what happened before for myself anyways.

Let’s see. There were finals during the two weeks before, but in between that time on Saturday, December 13, there was a little Christmas get-together with me and a few friends. It was nice and quiet over at frat house, where we (roll call: Shoshana, Joey, Elaine, David, Jessica, Kyle) all met up, talked, and played some pool and foosball. The big event of the night though was David’s (aka Lucky or Flipper) engagement to Jessica who he had met in the summer and it looks like they’ll moving in together next semester as well.. Congrats are in order, but I wonder how they’re parents have reacted to the news.

After all the madness of finals was over, Joey, Elaine, Patrick Gallagher, Brandon and I went to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King over at Emeryville on Wednesday, December 16. There were some problems as parking was a nightmare and we overpaid for the tickets, but the movie was just so good that it made it all worth while for me. The movie seemed to fly by faster than the previous movies and I must say that I found it superior to the previous installments, making this definitely a must see.

The day after I headed for home in LA. Interestingly enough I ran into Shoshana along the way and found out we were on the same flight. That was surprising. Even more surprising was seeing Julie, one of Joey’s friends, at baggage claim in Burbank. We had no idea we were on the same flight, but go figure. Gee what a small world we live in.

Alright, I think I’ve blabbed long enough about last week. I’ll finish up later.

Hot Tip-(New journal feature) If you’re a Cal student or alumni and planning to go to Tahoe anytime, Berkeley sponsors a lodge with comparable rates. Check out for more info. (Thanks go to Imad for this tip).