Winter Break 2003 #2

Friday, December 19– I went over to my old high school to catch up with the teachers and the people I left behind like science teachers Austin and Paulson, math teachers Martinez and Louie, social studies teachers Zapata and Wong, and English teachers Fletcher, Schauer, and Passler. It was great seeing the place, but it’s strange how things have changed. Since I’ve been gone, there’s been a massive renovation project going on at the school. New paint, new tiles, new a lot of things really. It’s not finished yet, but I’ve been fairly impressed so far. It’s a major improvement over the old.

Saturday, December 20– I decided to hit the Glendale Galleria with my pal Eduardo. Bad idea. 5 days before Christmas means no parking, tons of people, long lines, and nothing but large or extra large sizes left. It was fun trying to find gifts for people, but sad not being able to find good gifts.

Speaking of which, these are the gifts I have received for Christmas so far.
-Foot Makeup from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I have no idea why I got this)
-The Worst Case Scenario 2004 Survival Calendar (now that I think about it, it is a pretty good conversation piece)
-Chris Webber Sneakers by DADA (make a cool statement on the court, but makes the wrong statement everywhere else)
-CK Colon (I forget which fragrance, but it’s a nice gift)
-Magic: The Gathering Cards (don’t play, but I can pick it up)
-Gamestop Gift Card (new games here I come)
-Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell for PS2 (great gift except I don’t own a PS2)
-A few sweaters (actually a pretty thoughtful gift since I go to a cold Berkeley, though they got me a few red ones)

Lastly, on an odd note, I think it’s funny that has an animation of a snow falling blizzard when it hardly ever snows there.

Oh well. Hope you had some happy holidays.

Funny QuoteLewis: So did anybody see South Park last week?
Me: I did. Man was that funny… haha.
Lewis: Haha
After ten seconds of two of us laughing by ourselves…
Zinnia: See this is why you guys can’t date girls.

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