My NFL Rant

Let me know if this is a good column writing style, with the You’ve Got to be Kidding Me and It’s About Time subheadings.

It’s About Time the NFL started to loosen up on a few rules it’s put in place. Now, I can understand fining players for excessive taunting like Joe Horn and the cell phone or Chad Johnson’s “Please don’t fine me” sign, but you fined Jon Kitna for wearing a baseball cap with a cross on it. As James Brown put it, “that’s just being asinine.” Not only this, but how about letting up on a few broadcasting rules. Like when a game is over, how about letting the networks show the game live? It makes the league more fun to watch the great come from behind wins of the game and it is silly for the viewer to have to miss the highlights as they happen, especially the play I address in the next topic.

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me-Talk about heartbreaking, as the New Orleans Saints needed a touchdown and an extra point to tie the game down in Jacksonville today, and with less than a minute to go, they needed a miracle one at that. Well with less than a minute, Aaron Brooks passed to Donte Stallworth who lateraled to Michael Lewis, who gave it Deuce McAllister, who then lateraled to Jerome Pathone for the touchdown to make the score 19-20, with what looked like a miracle play similar to The Play in the 1982 Cal-Stanford Big Game. All the Saints needed was an extra point which was supposed to be automatic, but instead it was missed by kicker John Carney and the score remained 19-20, as the Saints lost the game and their chance to make the playoffs. Now that’s just sad. Here’s the ESPN recap.