Experimenting with a new layout.

So livejournal has come out with a new layout and I thought it looked pretty good (though I wish I could use that Generator layout, but that’s a paid account feature) and decided to use it. I’m still tweaking with some settings here and there, but it’s not bad so far. By the way:

My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?

2 Replies to “Experimenting with a new layout.”

  1. Your journal is interesting, I’d like to read more of it if you have friends-only posts. I’d appreciate it if you’d me to your list. I added you to my list.
    (First year, Unit 3 Priestley)

    1. Cool thanks

      Wow somebody read my journal and finds it interesting. You know I don’t usually do friends only posts since I had friends who didn’t have livejournals, but since they got rid of the invite codes I think I might start doing that. Thanks for adding me, I’ll add you back.

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