Using the Internet to Help Some Worthy Causes

Two seconds of time isn’t even enough to type an entire word sometimes, but it is enough time to buy a can of food for the hungry, save a section of rainforest, and even time to help pay for a mammogram. Basically, some charitable people have decided to create Internet sites where all you have to do is click on a button and you can donate some money to helping out any of those causes. Take a look at these web sites, with charitable goals in the month of December.

The Hunger Site-This site is looking to donate 6 million cups of food to the hungry by January 1st and one click will give about 1.1 cups of food. According to their graphic, they’re at 3.5 million, so they’re at a decent pace. Help them go a little closer.

The Rainforest Site-An affiliate of The Hunger Site, they have the lofty goal of trying to save 75 million square feet of rainforest by New Year’s. So far, they have raised enough to save 45 million and every click saves 22.8 feet, so get clicking.

The Breast Cancer Site-Every click is worth double from now until New Years.

Also check out the affiliates, The Animal Rescue Site and The Child Health Site.

Finally there’s Campbell’s Tackling Hunger Site-Basically select your favorite NFL team, and Campbell’s will donate a can of food on their behalf. They are looking to gather 5 million cans and have so far collected 4 million. They are so close, so go now.

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