Top 10 list #1

This is not some clever attempt to cash in the popularity of David Letterman’s popularity. In fact, it is a rather obivious and shameful attempt. Well if you wanted humor, you wouldn’t be reading my journal (oh wait, some of you do read it for laughs, darn it). Here’s the run down of the top 10 reasons I need a digital camera:

10. Naked Loth girls swimming in the ADPhi swimming pool (nuff said)
9. Naked Loth guys swimming in the ADPHi swimming pool (Gee, how did that get in there?)
8. To make funny photoshop pics (click the following: Fred’s Funnies and Superfriends or my photoshop creation)
7. Getting tired of guys bragging about how big their SLR is.
6. Do I really have to go on?
5. I can make it look like I met Christina Aguilera
4. So that my pal Kai can stop bothering me to take pictures of naked guys swimming in the ADPHi pool
3. I go to UC Berkeley
2. To remember every place I’ve fallen down in the world
1. I want one for my birthday this September 9th.

Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

By the way, the song, John Lennon-“Imagine” was released September 9th.