First half of this weekend.

A million thoughts at once. I’m really starting to think I just have to right short entries of little things every so often, instead of just one entry every so often that tend to just go on and on and just make everyone bored. Ah well on with it…

Interesting little party we had over at Alpha Delta Phi on Friday, August 29. Normally, our party’s don’t attract jack (or Jill for that matter). However, we teamed with Theta Phi Psi (who I give the award for most awkwardly named frat on the planet), who seem to always have a lot of people at their parties. Unfortunately, we had no idea just how many people, as it got so crowded, you could hardly move a foot inside the dance floor. That limited the fun for me a tad, but so did not having most of my pals, who were MIA for this function. Oh well, I met some interesting people while guarding the place, including someone who looked liked a shruken-down version of Christina Aguilera (though never meeting the real Christina, I have no actual way of comparing the two). She was a really nice looking girl, too, but a whole swarm of guys noticed that too. Not like I was going to do anything with her, but still it’s always good to know more good-looking people. Many thanks to Theta for all their help with setting up and clean up, and with security and stuff.

Saturday, August 30, Cal beats Southern Mississippi and I really don’t care. I mean they aren’t a good team. Afterwards, a bunch of alumni who came to watch the game and others came over for a small function with beer and barbeque supplied. A floor mate from last year, Wenjie, came over and toured our house. Spent like a few hours talking with her, frat bro Justin, and his pal, Jack on my balcony. It’s the first time I ever really used it to entertain guest; in fact, I even forgot I had it. Not too bad a weekend so far I guess.

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