My Birthday 2003 and classes

Let’s see. Tuesdays, I have Southeast Asian Studies 10A, which oddly enough is taught by a nerdy white guy. Quite peculiar and not only that, but he has a really bad lecture style, where he just sits in front of his chair and reads off lecture notes he prepares. Not only that, but he doesn’t put up any of the foreign terms on the board (which for a Southeast Asian Studies class is just about all of them). Physics 8B is no picnic either what with Prof. Waterhouse as the lecturer. It certainly shocked a bunch of us on the first day as an Australian woman, not exactly what you imagine as a physics professor. She also has an unusually bad style of lecturing by just writing huge amounts of text on overheads and then pausing for seconds upon end. That is just god awful teaching.

Well this Tuesday was a little brighter, as I finally turned 19. To celebrate, I went out for pizza with Vicki, Sho, Dave, Joey, and Kyle over at the north side La Val’s. Restaurants seem a little nicer on the northside, as they seem generally cleaner and better kept. The pizza was pretty good and we all just sat, hung out, and talked about random stuff like suicide, Virginia Woolf, and the Greek system here at Cal (gee, how did we get to those topics?). Unfortunately, weekday birthdays are always a drag and reality has to sink in after a while, what with studying and all. Yeah, I can honestly say I am not looking forward to my b-day falling on Thursday next year, the day I hate the most in the week. I’d like to see how easy it would pull people together for that.

Oh well, I leave you with some interesting facts about September 9 and I hope to make your special occasions extra nice.

Interesting Facts-Actors Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant and Michael Keaton and singer Macy Gray were all born today. Also, on this day, 1,281 convicts staged a revolt at the Attica Prison in Buffalo, hence the chant “Attica.” (source: The History Channel). Also, California was admitted to the United States and William the Conqueror died on this day in 1087 C.E. (sources: a couple of internet pages).

Also, Edwin Jackson of the Dodgers made his major league pitching debut as starter on Tuesday, which was his 20th birthday. To top it off, he beat Randy Johnson, last year’s NL Cy Young award winner. Recap.