End of Summer in LA Recap

Most of this is just development of this entry.

Well, I got a job down at the Hollywood Bowl with a bunch of other maintenace workers, many of whom were immigrants or just poorly educated people who didn’t speak English very well. In fact, I had to teach my boss latitude and longitude lines. Working over there, you see a lot of good looking girls down there who did speak English, though, which was a nice bonus. I wish I had gotten the night shift, though, with all the cute waitresses and it would have been sweet to be paid to see the shows, but the day shift wasn’t too bad. I hated the fact that some workers actually left early and thought they could get away with it, and of course the hot Los Angeles weather was no picnic either. Ah well, it was satisfying work, and I made a $1000 dollars this summer, which is pretty sweet.

Most of my nights I spent over at Los Angeles City College (LACC), where I took a philosophy class. I basically ended up helping a bunch of the people around me, which I didn’t mind doing. They liked me for it, too, I think. By the time, the class ended I had about 40 extra credit points, which meant I could have gotten a D on the final and still got an A in the class. Well, I got an A on the final anyway, but it’s still nice to know I had some insurance. I sure wish Berkeley classes were that easy. Funny, on the last day of class, I was talking to this older lady and I was telling her about biology at Berkeley. Well, she mentioned how when she taken a bio course over at LACC, she said she had known a nice Asian girl who was her best friend there. Then, she said, “I should introduce you.” I was thinking “uh, okay, this can not be good.” I mean I just hate the idea of just meeting people out of the blue like that. But after a little thought, she said something else that bothered me; she said “wait, you know that girl, Gloria, is pretty cute.” A group of girls I had helped out overheard our little conversation and whole-heartedly supported the notion saying, “you guys would be so cute. You think she’s cute right?” And then another guy steps in and says, “Yeah, man I saw here give you these elevator looks.” I was just sitting there thinking, “this is so embrassing.” I mean all these people surronding me and telling me to go for it with this girl. To backtrack, Gloria was this high-school girl I had been talking to in class about stuff and she is cute, but my word, all these people telling me to ask her out; that just felt more awkward than supportive. Funny, though, I still have her number on my cell phone, and I think about calling…shut up Allen, don’t even think about it.

I better pass out before I do something stupid.

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