My Friends and Christian Fellowships

First off, I should be down at New Student Welcome Night for ABSK, even though I am not a new student and have absolutely no interest in joining. Why? My pal, Seungkwon, said he’d give me $20 bucks if I showed up and I could keep it if I didn’t have a good time (of course, I had to give him back the money if I did). Well, I don’t know why, but I just felt to lazy to go there. More than likely, it’s just I have no interest in joining a Christian fellowship, but gee I had nothing better to do. I should have went, but ah well.

It’s unusual though, that I went to another gathering for another Christian fellowship called Intervarsity last night . Another ex-floor mate Joey, invited me to the gathering, where they had churros and kickball (sure brings back memories of elementary school, don’t it?). It was fun to watch and I talked to a few people there. It’s funny how our actions have consequences, as I ran into some girl named Elaine, who I apparently spilled soda on at the super-DC last year and who I had hoped I’d never see again. Oh well, it was not like she held it against me; I was just surprised she remembered me when I had forgotten that it had even happened. Anyways, they successfully killed two hours of my time and then the cops came to break up the fun. Geez, the cops broke up a Christian club playing kickball. Does anybody else see what’s wrong with that scenario, especially with all the frats a block away?

Oh and I just realized I haven’t written an entry into my journal in like a month, so I better see what I can write. Maybe later, I better spare you from the long entries.

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  1. hahaha, damn those christians trying to convert you by enticing you to join their fellowships w/ $$$. When did christianity begin to use $ to get new members? 😛


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