Long time no real update

Alright, alright I’ll actually update, but I probably should keep this brief and just try to catch you up as I go along.

Sunday, July 6 I started my new job at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s not the most glamorous job though, as I have to work in the hot sun, cleaning up the park area, and I have to get up at 6:00 AM six days a week. That’s never fun, but hey I guess this builds character. Ah what am I saying, character smaracter, this job sucks. Oh well, I have to live with it and at least my dad’s my supervisor. Plus, I get free tickets to shows.

Tuesday, July 8 I began taking a philosophy class at Los Angeles Community College. The professor seems to know his stuff, but it bothers me how he seems to just throw terms out into the air and expects everyone to get them. It’s just there are so many synonyms for the terms he uses like claim, reason, fact. Not only this but he seems to have learned how to speak to a class at a cc too, as he makes a point and then smiles. It gets to be pretty amusing if you watch for it.

Alright, I think I’ll stop here. But coming soon, some commentary on just things I have in my mind.

Funny quote-“Fine_al, that’s such a Milhouse [from the Simpsons] thing. Haha. I mean it sounds kind of cool, but kind of dorky at the same time.”-Henry Lew