Funny Clip on

You don’t have to be a sports fan to like this clip. Go to and watch the Socal with Jimmy Kimmel clip. The first half is so funny, as it shows Mike Tyson and Jimmy Kemmel sucking helium balloons and Mike Tyson singing. It is so funny. To play it though, you’ll need to download ESPNmotion, a cool program which delievers crystal clear video from ESPN, including PTI and some Sportscenter clips.

Disney has recently seen the success of this program and have added it to many of their sites. allows you to watch scenes from movies and some parts of Ebert & Roper reviews. is experimenting with it, delivering trailers for upcoming TV shows and some hidden features like screen tests. It’s all very cool.

Cool,, and for the cool motion programs. And actually, you don’t need a broadband connection to view them. They work on my 56k modem.