“Personality Tests #1” or “Stalling”

I guess it’s that time where I start raving about nonsensical babble and then write one of those super long entries where I catch you up on everything personal. Ah whatever.

Which Family Guy Character are you? Take the Quiz!
Your life should be a Documentary.
Your life is droll, dry and dull. A late night
feature on PBS, you shouldn’t be shown during
the annual fund drive. Basic information is
fine, but my god, TMI!

Your Life Should Be A Movie
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You are Trinity-
You are Trinity, from “The Matrix.”
Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimate

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Radioactive Man
You are Radioactive Man
You’re a man of few words, not because you’re the strong silent type, but because you’re a fool who can’t speak english. Nonetheless, your sexy body and bravary keep fans coming to the movies.
Which Simpsons Character are YOU?

Why have I not written in live journal for a while?
1. Poking around livejournal communities and searching users.-Basically trying to see where I can find people who have common interests. Communites I like: and
2. Exploring Quizilla-Taking more of these personality tests and trying to come up with one myself. Coming soon!!!
3. DC Comics Message Boards-I’m such a dork.

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