The Los Angeles Daily News has written an article about student debt after college. Here’s a summary taken from United Press International off this page:

Liberal arts major are finding it more difficult to pay off their loans, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. The study’s authors recommend those entering college pick the jobs they want and then pick a major to get that job. A study by the Wichita State University in Kansas and the University of Memphis in Tennessee found there are some majors that do not map into jobs that pay highly enough to support the debt that students are incurring. For example, theater and communication majors earned the least after three years in the workplace — barely $30,000 on average — but racked up some of the biggest student loans, an average of $17,814. Study author Steven A. Harrast an accounting professor at Wichita State, says, “It seems to be flying in the face of economic theory.”

Another interesting excerpt: A C student at graduation might have $8,000 more debt than an A student, according to the study, which asserts that students accrue an average of $4,402 in debt each time they drop one grade-point.

Just something to think about.

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