Got too much time to do nothing

This week has been a slow one as I keep denying myself from having fun. It’s just the fun things I wanted to do, I couldn’t do. On Sunday, June 1 for example, I couldn’t go to my friend Juan’s homecoming party. He entered the Marines and had just finished some level of training (I lose track so fast). I wanted to drop by and say hi, but unfortunately I had to go shopping for clothes for my job interview the next day.

Monday, June 2 was the big interview over at Champs Sports in Arcadia. It’s not my ideal job, but they’re like the only place that gave me any form of notice. I arrived a few minutes late, but fortunately for me, so did the other applicants. The other two seemed to be a lot more knowledgeable about sporting goods than I was, but I think I did ok. The manager said he’d call back on Monday if I had gotten the job. So I have to wait and see.

Tuesday, June 3 was a big waste of time. I did nothing. I should have went out and looked for more jobs or something. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 4 was suppose to be the day I go to UCSD to visit Nini. Fabian and I were jet set to go on Sunday, but we were ordering the tickets one hour too late for the companion fare, which would have made the trip only 25 dollars on greyhound. It instead became a 25 dollar trip for each of us, which meant a total of 50 dollars. The early bird catches the worm I guess.

My brother, Henry, managed to get free tickets to the Dodger game that night for his participation in Science Bowl. It was a nice gift, but unfortunately, we couldn’t use them. My parents had go off to see the doctors for some pain my dad has been feeling. I hope he gets better. Nonetheless, we would have felt about going to the game, with my parents having to worry about health and us having fun. So, those tickets went to waste. Darn. Oh well. They lost anyway, so that wouldn’t have been fun to watch for 3 hours.

Oh something cool for my Berkeley livejournal friends. Add knightangelfeed to your friends list and you’ll be able to read Joey’s Xanga from your friends page. But unfortunately, when you comment, they don’t go to his page.

Thursday, June 5-Ngoc Chi set up a bunch more of these Xanga accounts to be used on a livejournal friends page. She did this for a bunch of high school people.

Sheh Jen-sheh

Stupid free user point system thing. I can’t add all of them unless more people subscribe to them. That sucks.

Oh well, happy landings. (Random Closing)

Extra, Extra, Read all aboutBritney allegedly getting tanked a lot-“A woman says she was manhandled so that Miss Midriff [Spears] could get her favorite table at the trendy nightclub Lot 61…The singer’s publicist countered: ‘Britney is being criticized for doing what most people her age do – going out and having a good time. She’s not out of control.’ ”
Thanks to Fark for the scoop, which is also the Featured Website. It is a great source for the most amusing and far out news anywhere.

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