How stupid can I be?

I can’t believe I missed some easy questions from Trivia Cafe

How did I miss these?

3. Born in New York in 1980 to an Ecuadoran-born father and Irish-American mother, she lived in Texas, Japan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. At eight she was runner-up on TV talent show Star Search, at 12 she joined the New Mickey Mouse Club, and at 19 she won the Grammy Award as Best New Artist. Who is she?

4. Identify the cities that were capitals of each of these countries in the year 1900:
a. Turkey
b. China
c. Russia

5. What character from the Peanuts cartoons loves to play Beethoven on his piano?

6. Name the author of each of these works of literature:
a. Catch-22- (actually, I got this one)
b. Don Quixote
c. Little Women- (actually, I got this one)

3. Christina Aguilera (why did I guess Britney Spears?)

4. a. Constantinople
    b. Peking
    c. St. Petersburg

5. Schroeder

6. a. Joseph Heller
    b. Cervantes
    c. Louisa May Alcott

They aren’t that easy, but I should know these. Maybe it has to do with that age thing mentioned in this article on tip-of-the-tongue memory.

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