Just stuff I think about…

Maybe I should write one long journal piece and just rant about everything I know about one topic. But that’s not the way I think I guess. I periodically like to just of little things and they might go on a while. Yet I kind of like jotting things down in short bursts. Here are some:

Studying an old midterm, I realize how the simple things really do matter. For example, my history midterm I got marked off for not saying that the Beagle was a boat. Now that is just silly, but so relevant at the same time.

You know a review session sucks when a GSI loses you on the first problem. That’s what happened at a physics review on Saturday when the GSI tried to explain conduction and failed miserably.

The Simpsons is increasingly trying to make references that may be outdated too quickly. Like the Enron ride joke, Britney Spears, and the stinky flower; these allusions to things that may not be funny in the next 5 years. Not a lot of references to classic movies like Wizard of Oz or All in the Family, things people do not tend to forget. That timelessness it once had is now gone.

It’s good to be home except for the 56k slowing down my journal upload times and such.

Must get more readers for this website.

I didn’t empty out my locker in the bathroom at my dorm. Opps. No big deal, except they’ll have to break my lock to open it. Damn I needed to get better organized when it comes to packing that’s for sure.

Stupid ankle. How come you hurt so bad Wednesday night?

I think I’ll end with that. Or maybe not? No Yes No Yes No Yes. Well right after this stuff:

Interesting Fact-Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined. Startling.
Interesting Fact-Apparently Donald Duck saved Kuwait. What? Well a man used an idea he had seen in a Donald Duck comic to save the water supply of Kuwait from contamination. Go figure. Click here for the source.
Extra, Extra, Read all aboutWomen were the true global explorers-Columbus may have sailed the ocean blue, but women have journeyed further distances over history than men. Read the article and see how.