Up here by popular demand-The 3rd Floor Doobie Awards

My last great gift to the floor. Enjoy.
There have been a lot of requests for copies of the Doobies, so just download this document (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and print it. Plus, there are some links to some of the events I describe.

The 3rd Floor Doobie Awards

(Please note: This wasn’t meant to insult anyone; it was all done in good cheer.) It’s just sumthin for the floor to look back & enjoy. Have fun!!

The Floor Representative, Senator, Secretary, Cheerleader, and Buffet: Christine
Guy all the girls want as their teddy bear (and the guy we want to kill the most): Jensen
The Tomboy Award: Katie
Guy you’d most like to see without his shirt: Joey
Sexiest in a Towel: Alex
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca, the fourth: Shoshana
Mr. Mime-to-Anime-Character Award: Eugene
The Queen of Clean and Ms. Manners =0P: Nikki
The “What is she doing up at this hour?” Award: Kate
Floor Twins: Janice and Jessica
Person who traveled the greatest distance to be here: Chihyon
Have no fear, POTATOE-GURL is here!!: Amy
The “0 grams of fat and that same great light, crisp, refreshing taste” award: Jacqueline
The Official Moral Amelioration Club Sandwich / Most Hedgehog-like Award: Kyle
The Architect of his own demise: Kevin
The “If I got a nickel for every time he said a swear word” award: Andrew
Most likely to be mistaken for a first grader: Daisy
The “Hey you, with the Hair!” award: Geoff
Most likely to assassinate President Bush: Vicky
Most likely to become a Telegraph bum: Nedim
Most likely to trample Tokyo: Patrick Kong
The Vincente Memorial Award: Vincente
Miss Theatre Rice drama queen: Wenjie
One badass mofoe: David
Whatever tickles your pickle: Nicole
Vicky’s Honorary Bitch: Albert
Fun + Intoxication + Sean = Jolly Mishaps
Cutest couple: Eddie and Seungkwon
The “It’s super-funny when it happens to him” Award: Fred
Only one of us that’s crazy enough to come up with this list during finals (with contributions from Eddie & Joey): Allen

And the most dubious distinction of them all: Being a resident of this crazy floor!

Memories To Make You Laugh & Cry…but mostly laugh. =) (For more precious memories, click here)
-Joey makes Tang with plastic bags: “I don’t have any cups.”
-David is Kevin and Kevin is David for Halloween
-Eugene’s zodiac poster: “So what’s your sign?”
-Rearrangement of lounge furniture by fourth floor
-Guy throwing up on couch and carpet in lounge
-Tour groups come to visit 315 and freak (check out this entry and that entry)
-Allen’s scary voice on Halloween
-Joey burns cookie… in a microwave…TWICE!!!
-Fred is caught looking at Gay Porn
-Joey prances around in cape
-Sean & Fred battle out The Shower Wars.
-DC Master Thief, The Joey…steals backpack loads of food.
-Fred tries to bust a Joey at the DC…and auditions for a role on COPS.
-Andrew and the “A”…………on the back of his dang head!!!.
-A bunch of them I really shouldn’t say.

Love you all! Thanks for making freshman life interesting…Good Luck!

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One Reply to “Up here by popular demand-The 3rd Floor Doobie Awards”

  1. Post Doobie Reaction

    If you recall, I put up a list of awards that sort of poked fun of my floor. It was all in good fun, though, and everybody laughed and praised it as one of my last great gestures on the floor. Here are some of the heartfelt comments.

    Christine: That was so cool.
    Sean: I thought it was pretty funny…When did I become the floor alcoholic, though?
    Andrew: (In that loud way) HAHAHAHA
    Lauren: You’ve made things really hard for me now Allen. Of course, you know now I have to make one of my own.
    Eddie: You’re a one hit wonder… (After hearing about Lauren making her own)See what you’ve started? A nuclear arms race.
    Seungkwon: Allen, I am so going to kill you (After reading the cutest couple one)
    Nah, seriously that one is the funniest one.
                     Allen, You are so dead. (After reading his name in the memory section)
    Jacqueline: I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it.
    Fred: That was pretty funny… I liked the memories
    Alex: This is honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever read.
    Patrick: I like it.
    Shosanna: What the hell does mine mean? (Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca, the third was the adorable Dot on Animanics)
    Chihyon: That was great
    Wenjie: You have to send that to me.
    Eugene: So that’s what everyones been talking about.
    Nicolle: We all needed that during finals. Thanks.
    Matt: You have too much time on your hands…So how many people did you offend with that list? (3)

    Got any more? Post a comment or IM me.

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