Up here by popular demand-The 3rd Floor Doobie Awards

My last great gift to the floor. Enjoy.
There have been a lot of requests for copies of the Doobies, so just download this document (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and print it. Plus, there are some links to some of the events I describe.

The 3rd Floor Doobie Awards

(Please note: This wasn’t meant to insult anyone; it was all done in good cheer.) It’s just sumthin for the floor to look back & enjoy. Have fun!!

The Floor Representative, Senator, Secretary, Cheerleader, and Buffet: Christine
Guy all the girls want as their teddy bear (and the guy we want to kill the most): Jensen
The Tomboy Award: Katie
Guy you’d most like to see without his shirt: Joey
Sexiest in a Towel: Alex
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca, the fourth: Shoshana
Mr. Mime-to-Anime-Character Award: Eugene
The Queen of Clean and Ms. Manners =0P: Nikki
The “What is she doing up at this hour?” Award: Kate
Floor Twins: Janice and Jessica
Person who traveled the greatest distance to be here: Chihyon
Have no fear, POTATOE-GURL is here!!: Amy
The “0 grams of fat and that same great light, crisp, refreshing taste” award: Jacqueline
The Official Moral Amelioration Club Sandwich / Most Hedgehog-like Award: Kyle
The Architect of his own demise: Kevin
The “If I got a nickel for every time he said a swear word” award: Andrew
Most likely to be mistaken for a first grader: Daisy
The “Hey you, with the Hair!” award: Geoff
Most likely to assassinate President Bush: Vicky
Most likely to become a Telegraph bum: Nedim
Most likely to trample Tokyo: Patrick Kong
The Vincente Memorial Award: Vincente
Miss Theatre Rice drama queen: Wenjie
One badass mofoe: David
Whatever tickles your pickle: Nicole
Vicky’s Honorary Bitch: Albert
Fun + Intoxication + Sean = Jolly Mishaps
Cutest couple: Eddie and Seungkwon
The “It’s super-funny when it happens to him” Award: Fred
Only one of us that’s crazy enough to come up with this list during finals (with contributions from Eddie & Joey): Allen

And the most dubious distinction of them all: Being a resident of this crazy floor!

Memories To Make You Laugh & Cry…but mostly laugh. =) (For more precious memories, click here)
-Joey makes Tang with plastic bags: “I don’t have any cups.”
-David is Kevin and Kevin is David for Halloween
-Eugene’s zodiac poster: “So what’s your sign?”
-Rearrangement of lounge furniture by fourth floor
-Guy throwing up on couch and carpet in lounge
-Tour groups come to visit 315 and freak (check out this entry and that entry)
-Allen’s scary voice on Halloween
-Joey burns cookie… in a microwave…TWICE!!!
-Fred is caught looking at Gay Porn
-Joey prances around in cape
-Sean & Fred battle out The Shower Wars.
-DC Master Thief, The Joey…steals backpack loads of food.
-Fred tries to bust a Joey at the DC…and auditions for a role on COPS.
-Andrew and the “A”…………on the back of his dang head!!!.
-A bunch of them I really shouldn’t say.

Love you all! Thanks for making freshman life interesting…Good Luck!

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