Berkeley Quizie

It doesn’t seem as though anybody took this quiz, other wise they would have told me what they got. I decided to give them another shot.

Featured source for pointless little diversions that measure how well you fit certain sterotypes. Anyways here’s a fun one:

I scored a 64% on the “how uc berkeley are you?” Quizie! What about you?

Other Results
Nicolle Salvador-68%
Joey Le-56%

Triangle Man: Some guy who walks around near the RSF and places and looks like a triangle of arrow.
Ludwig’s Fountain: Named after a dog who wandered around campus and frequently visited the (it’s the one in between MLK Student Union and Sproul)
The book covered by human skin: Not a clue if it’s true, but I suspect it is an urban legend.

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2 Replies to “Berkeley Quizie”

  1. Good job and no longer need to fear popups

    Wow that’s a mighty fine score.

    And as for popups:
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