The Monster Mash

clockwise from left: Pixie, Sean Jean, Mummy Dearest, Groucho Marxist, and Count Bellfield

Name: The Monster Mash
Current Roster: Pixie, Sean Jean, Mummy Dearest, Groucho Marxists, and Count Bellfield

The men pictured above have lived a life of failure after failure. Each of them, due to fate or just plain bad luck, have never had success for very long. Here is each of they’re tragic stories and how they all turned to crime:
Pixie: In the land of the fairies, the smallest and most petite are revered, as small stature is a symbol for eloquence and beauty. However, this fairy was born unusually large as a child and never stopped growing.
Sean Jean:
Mummy Dearest:

Groucho Marxist: During the Cold War, America and the Soviet Union had a “anything you can do, I can do better” mentality. Russia built a spaceship, then so did America. The US builds one nuclear weapon, the USSR builds another. This way of thought spilled over into the entertainment industry, though Russian entertainment wasn’t what you would call entertaining. The industry created analogous characters to the ones featured in American movies and television, with little success. One such failure was the Marxists brothers, an analogous version of the hilarious American comedy group. Coming out at about 30 years too late, Stalin jokes just didn’t have the same impact they did in the ’90s. Frustrated with Russia’s lack of appreciation of comedic genius, Groucho left for America hoping to become a star. Unfortunately, no project in Hollywood needed an angry and not very funny Russian, so he turned to a life of crime where he attempted to become the main “pimp daddy” of Hollywood. To no ones surprise, this did not work out and as he moved on to worse crimes such as attempted robbery and theft, the Superfriends ended another less than stellar career. Adding insult to injury was Nash who quickly pointed and insulted the criminal to the media, pointing out how silly the notion of a Russian pimp was. He broods each and everyday for his chance to get the last laugh against Nash.

Count Bellfield: The man who would become the Count actually started out as a happy-go-lucky student at a state college. The student had always dreamed of going to medical school, but realized he needed to do some activities. Torn between study abroad and volunteering at a hospital, he found an option that seemed to kill two birds with one stone: working at the Red Cross in Transylvania. Not a very bright student, he signed on, not knowing about the legacy of the undead who haunt Transylvania.

Tired of being constantly defeated by the Superfriends individually (and just about everyone else), these hard-luck villains, who knew little about success, have now become formidable foes for the team by combining their talents. Nevertheless, our heroes can always triumph over this terrifying team.

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