Free Rent for a lady in Berkeley.

Are you a girl looking for an apartment? What’s your price range? 500 a month? 400 a month? Does zero dollars a month sound good to you?
Wait a minute, there’s got to be a catch right? Well there is a reason why they are looking for a girl. The person seeking says, “I’m sure there’s girls out there who are students with a tight budget who wouldn’t mind getting the free rent and having some intimate fun as well…I’m not unattractive, and this could be beneficial in many ways.” So, if you don’t mind losing your dignity, then hey it’s free housing.

Here’s the link to the post. But it does leave me wondering who would be desperate enough to post something like this and who would be crazy enough to respond to this.

Thank you Nicolle Slavador for this scoop.

By the way, bigmonolith has started a very interesting discussion on beauty and what makes guys attracted to girls. I haven’t given him my take on the issue, but I think it’s interesting. Take a look at the entry here.

Featured Website-Craigslist-Want to sell something? Well you’re gonna need to put the word out. Don’t have a lot of money to put an ad? Well, this is the place. It offers free classified ads for everything except jobs. Great resource for housing and personal ads (not that I ever read those).

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