More embrassing moments

Not much happened this weekend, except me getting embrassed a few times. You’ve already read about the tour groups (check out this entry and that entry for more) and stupid things the frat had me do (the link). Here are some more.

Note: this is probably going to be one of those entries I add on to over and over. Post some comments or IM me things I should talk about.

Saturday (May 10)-I go down to the Den to spend some dining dollars. I decided to buy $25 dollars worth of soda and snacks and I forget my ID card leaving a line full of angry people. Anyways I run back with Eugene and then we gather up more water. I start just gathering up everything, put a water bottle in my bag, get set to go when I ask, “didn’t we get 2 bottles of water?” The lady sitting at the table says “That one’s mine.” Oops. So that wasn’t that embrassing.
Monday (May 12)– So I sit in physics lecture and I sort of stop paying attention. Professor Jacobson starts talking about sound waves traveling through a room and he goes “how do sound waves travel to the back of the room and reach that guy sleeping in the back?” I’m not 100% sure, but I think he was refering to me putting my hands in front my eyes and slouching in my chair. I was totally not asleep. I got everyone to look back and I think they were looking in my direction. So I basically get singled out in my physics class of a few hundred people looking at me “sleeping.” Did I happen to mention I had a bad hair day? A pretty bad one at that.
Saturday (May 17)-Jensen, Fred, and Sean were throwing things at each other. Soda bottles, couch cuchions, and even apple cores. And unfortunately, I was a casualty. As Fred tossed one apple core and I was on my way to the elevator, the core directly connects with my ear. Ouch that hurt.

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