Not one, but two weeks reviewed

Note: I forgot to mention Steve’s Birthday until May 19. Opps.
Thursday (May 1)-Happy Birthday to Steve (The Panda). He turned 19. Took him to dinner at Gypsy’s with Kyle and had an interesting discussion on religion and traveling. Would say more, but I don’t want to go that far in depth.
Friday (May 2)– First happy birthday to my roommate Fred. He turned 19 today. You partied mighty hard last night, as we can see from that note Sean left on the door.
X-2 finally came out that day and I was so glad I was able to see it. I went with a huge group. Our roster was even bigger than the Xmen’s roster: me, Joey, Steve, Eugene, Christina, Kori, Kyle, Callie, Vicky, Shoshana, Nicolle, Kurt, Patrick, and Chihyon. That’s 14 people. Oh wow. And to think we would have had more if those people we invited from the fifth floor had come with us, instead of going to see Identity.
As the for the movie, it was worth every penny. Best superhero movie ever. Just about close to perfect. Just make sure you watch the first one before and go with someone who knows about Xmen.
And Vicki, stop talking about Iceman.
Saturday (May 3)– was of course Free Comic Book Day, a nationwide event where publishers hand out free comic books. The turnout was quite low as nobody seemed to know it was going on unless they were a true comics geek, like me. Because of that, they gave away every free comic they had. I managed to snag all of them except for one, but I didn’t really miss it. I even got an autographed copy of Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things by creator Ted Naifeh, who was there to sign it.
Of course, my heart still lies in the standard superhero fair. So I was so excited when they were giving Ultimate X-men #1, Robocop #1, and many others for free. I was also blown away that the Superman 10 cent adventure for free (okay so I only saved a dime, I still thought it was cool). And if your interested, Batman had his own 10 cent adventure in July of 2002. Read it for free at
I took Shoshana to that store, and she probably didn’t enjoy it half as much as I did. She said she had fun, but I just seem to get carried away when I go to a comic shop and ignore everything else but the comics.
Revelation-Wow I took a girl to the holy shrine of geekdom. What’s next, a Star Trek convention?
Sunday (May 4)– was the day I was putting the finishing touches on my history paper. Too bad it took me until 5:00 AM to finish it. That sucks. Too much slacking and too much blogging.
Monday (May 5) and Tuesday (May 6) – Classes. You know the usual.
Wednesday (May 7)-I took a long trip to Oakland Zoo by myself so I could do my bio project. Man that place isn’t half as nice as the LA Zoo. I mean it is so small and all the animals don’t move and the design of the place is so makeshift. It’s just fencing. I don’t know maybe it was more the long trip by myself that made it so boring for me. Still animals are always fun to see at any age. Loved the giraffes. Get back. People ask if I’m feeling ok. I don’t know, am I?
Thursday(May 8)-The worst days of the week. Did nothing but classes and stuff.
Friday (May 9)-Tried to take a nap at 10:30 AM, when Christina knocks on the door. She tells me and Eugene that a touring family read something very interesting on our door. They read that note that Sean had written us last week about Fred getting drunk. Oy. Is it just me do we have the worst luck with these tour groups? First, they come in and see our pig sty of a room (and the Playboy, more on that here) and then they read about college drinking. Those parents must be thinking about home schooling their kid more and more.
Revelation-I knew I shouldn’t have gotten down from my bed. I mean nobody asks for me at 10:00 AM; more like 10:00 PM when they need me to help them with their homework. If that sounded angry, it’s not; I like helping people. But I don’t know, I just noticed that a bit.
The Lakers played against the Spurs today and I got to see them win Game 3 after that loss in game 1 and that rout that was game 2. If they win Game 4 on Sunday (which I think they will), they’re back in this.

Featured Website-America 24/7– Got a digital camera? Need an excuse to take a picture of that cute guy/girl or just an excuse to use it? Try this. It’s a web project trying to collect as many digital photographs in one week into a photo album. Sounds like a great project to be a part of.

By the way, check out “You’ve got to be kidding me #1” for some just odd news links.

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