Fred’s Funnies

Fred gets so many pranks pulled on him, it’s not even funny. Actually, scratch that. It’s really funny. In no particular order, let’s see what funny pranks people have pulled on Fred. By the way, happy belated birthday. He turned 19 on Friday, 5/2/03

1. Fred’s new desktop pattern. After seeing his Leeann Tweeden desktop wallpaper, Christina wondered if it was possible to make her a little less desirable. So she decided to use Adobe Photoshop and create this to scare the “s*** out of him”:

Let me just say it worked like a charm.
2. Switching Fred’s home page. This is the one that started it all. Sean had found a link to a gay porno site (I don’t have the link) that also has a sound saying “I’m looking at gay porno”. So he turns up Fred’s speakers really high and sets his home page to be that gay porno site. Fred opens his browser and presto. Half the floor hears it and then laughs hysterically. Not only that, but the site disables the close button, so Fred struggled to find a way to close the browser, leaving plenty of time for hilarity to sink in. This was repeated many times and to various other sites that proved just as embrassing, creating more laughs.
3. Cold Showers. This is one of the few times Fred actually pulled a prank. For a while, Sean and him were dunking cold water on each other while they were in the shower. Fred decided to take it to the next level. He then took Sean’s clothes out of the shower stall and left Sean stranded in the stall, trying to come up with a solution. Eventually he got out dripping wet with only his boxers. It was so embrassing for Sean.
4. The Mysterious Girls Underwear. Someone has been leaving love notes for Fred in front of the door declaring how much they want Fred. What’s really odd about this though is that he/she is leaving girls underwear with the notes. And we still don’t know the culprit, though this maybe a clue.
5. One Last Breath-I was crazy about Creed’s One Last Breath for a while, but that just drove Fred crazy. He hates Creed with a passion, but for some reason, I would play the song and he’d sing the parts that go “hold me now” or “for you and me, you and me.” He was singing a song he doesn’t even like! Fred claims he just does it unconsicously and sincerely hates that song. It’s so funny hearing him sing verses of it and then realize he “was f****** singing that stupid song again.” Sean even came into the room and did the same thing. It’s hilarious if you see this in person.

Funny Quote-Christina while she sits in my chair working with Photoshop and singing Creed-With Arms Wide Open, “Oh no I’m turning into Allen.”

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  1. AIM Comments

    SwirlyStar84 (9:56:37 PM): the one of sean-leeann tweeden is quite funny
    About the shower thing: SwirlyStar84 (9:58:12 PM): lol… its one of those dorm horror stories come true

  2. A retraction

    As a request from Sean, I took out a few of the embrassing details of the Cold Shower story that sort of stretched the truth. Sorry.

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