It’s About Time…#1

…I cleaned my side of the room. I mean God it’s a mess.
…my Xmen poster stopped falling down. It’s fallen down like 10 times in the last week and just yesterday people were stepping all over it.
…I got other people into comic book superheroes. People have been asking an endless array of questions about the X-men mythos since the movie came out. Joey for one is reading the fan favorite JSA series, starring the original superhero team. Not only that, but people were looking through the comics I got from Free Comic Book Day. And I think I turned Chihyon into an Ultimate X-men fan. And definetly telling people about the great DC Comics graphic novels like Kingdom Come and Crisis on Infinte Earths has sparked some interest.
…Cartoon Newtork acquired Family Guy. It’s such a funny show. Catch it on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM.
…for the semester to come to end. All in all, great first year, but I may be romanticizing it a tad. However, everyone from high school has said I lived a more interesting life this past year than they’ve had. But maybe I’m just a good story teller. Well if that were the case I’d have a lot more hits now, wouldn’t I?
…I got around to updating some of those friend profiles I put up a while back. And I reposted the videos.
Here are the links:

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Funny Quote-Seungkwon: “So Shosanna was lying on my bed in a sexy pose?”
Me in a very sarcastic tone: “Was, but don’t worry; it wasn’t nearly as seductive as when Janice and Jessica were kissing.”