You’ve Got to be Kidding Me…#1

…was the first thing I said when I read these two Odd News articles.
San Francisco Hosts ‘Masturbate-A-Thon’-only in San Francisco could they do this. This is just the opposite of that Seinfield episode-“The Contest” (which was hilarious, and about who could go the longest without “gratifying themselves”).
White only prom returns in Georgia– I didn’t even think that was still legal. I mean this is as stupid as an all male prom.
… Jewel’s Intuition video would be like that. Watch it, particularly the last part. What’s up with that?
Here’s a conversation about it:
mnk17fx (4:59:52 PM): she sounds like britney spears now
mnk17fx (5:00:06 PM): she looks more like britney too

mnk17fx (5:01:11 PM): this isn’t a jewel song, there’s no guitar
buttonix (5:01:23 PM): lol
mnk17fx (5:01:38 PM): she dances too
buttonix (5:01:44 PM): lol

mnk17fx (5:04:38 PM): i’m not getting you that song now, it’s a bad infulence
buttonix (5:04:48 PM): lol
mnk17fx (5:05:41 PM): it’s weird it’s not jewel, she tries to be a pop icon, and she’s like way older than the other girls

mnk17fx (5:07:22 PM): that’s it i’ll send you a more wholesome song, how about this song about suicide…
The iLoo-believe it or not, you can now surf the web with a toilet. My question is why the hell would you want to? Well apparently, Microsoft was just kidding me. For more, click here.
Oregon County Seeks Klingon Interpreter– “We have to provide information in all the languages our clients speak.” True, but when do you people speak Klingon in normal conversation? Trekies? I said normal. Well apparently, this is a much better article that explains more about the need for a Klingon interpreter, as well as one for the Elvish language from Lord of The Rings. Nonetheless, it is still an odd idea.

Funny Quote-“You know Allen has explained this problem so many times, I can do it now”-Fred, after I had explained a physics problem 4 times to other people

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