Creative uses for an old computer

It’s a known fact that computers go obsolete quite quickly. There are those who want to get a new one, but chances are the old one is in semi-working condition. What to do with it? Here are some web resources that list some good ideas

Twisted List: Five Things to Do with an Old Computer-Best ideas are donating it and using it to help on those projects to help SETI and
Thirfty Audio Ideas for Tight Budgets-very good idea to turn your old computer into a media hub
Evolution Robotics-It’s a kit that you can use to convert your laptop into a robot, but not a good idea for a very old laptop. It’s probably something to consider after you replace your current laptop.

Hey, it’s better than throwing it off a cliff!

Featured website-The dullest blog in the world-Believe it or not, this guy might have a duller journal than mine, as he features when he ties his shoes and when he turns around. Riveting reading.