Here lies my poor fish

Brother James gave me a fighting fish on Monday as a pet, claiming I was a fighter. Big mistake. I went off the instructions he had given me, but they turned out to be faulty for betta fish, as they said I could use tap water. I did not realize the tap water in the sink had too much chlorine, though, and it weakened my fish severely. Niki tried to warn me, but I did not listen to her. Eventually, I tried to transport it to another body of distilled water, but unfortunately it just passed away. Seungkwon was helping me with the transport, and maybe he transported it too hard, because we had noticed a severed neck with blood. We then pronounced it dead on the spot and I gave it a burial at sea (okay so I flushed it). I guess I can learn a major lesson in responsibility from all this. Poor fish. I hardly knew how to take care of ye. May you find your way to the big fish bowl in heaven

Major Regrets:
1. That I did not research the fish in depth before hand.
2. That I did not name my fish.
3. That I did not take a picture of my fish.
4. That I did not get show it off to the floor.


And for all of you laughing at me for losing a fish in two days, show me a little sympathy please.

Funny quote: “I thought he was saying grape seed”- Christina, after hearing Nirvana’s Rape Me for the first time.