Subjournal-More in the life of Allen

-Too much reading. It seems like I have to read a book a day. And comp lit gives out so much writing, I might as well write a book a day too.
-This floor is definitely the coolest floor in Ida Sproul Hall. People come here all the time to hang out with all of us. It is so cool. They come here so much some of them become honorary members and extra roommates.
-Our movie nights seem to get worse and worse each weekend. We seem to be out of movies to show. Or maybe, just maybe, we should try going to a theatre.
-More cable channels=More good TV
Free time-TV time=study time
You do the math or implicitly like Fred said “s***, now I’m going to be watching TV”
-The comments I’ve been getting about my Rouge (from the movie X-2) have been odd. I’ve gotten 2 responses from girls about how cool she is and no response from guys. I thought I’d get my head chopped off like Fred every time he puts a girl on his desktop.
-What’s with everyone and haircuts? Everyone seems to have saved off most of their hair this weekend.
-See the NBA All-star game? Double-overtime, Michael Jordan, and actual defense. What more could you want?
-That stupid Epson printer. I couldn’t fix two of them in the course of week. I hate fixing printers in general, but that Epson is really getting on my nerves.