Subjournal-It’s been a while

If you saw an entry a few days ago, well I deleted it. I rather rushed it so I decided to do a small rewrite.

-I am nearing the 100 mark on the counter for the subprofile. Just need a few more visitors to take it over that mark.
-I’ve added a bit to my subprofile. I’ve added links to friend’s webpages and a few pages were I include links to downloads, general interest web sites, and cool trivia. Check them out.
-I have the world’s worse schedule this semester. Everyday I have gaps in between classes. I have to get up at 7:00 for 3 days of the week and 2 nights a week I have class until 6. I just picture myself at the end of the semester and it’s not pretty.
-Dame Edna wrote some seriously bad comments about people who speak Spanish in Vanity Fair. And this coming from a man who dresses like an old lady?
-I’m thinking about joining Alpha Delta Phi. And becoming an algebra tutor. And currently managing a 17 unit load. And have the worst schedule ever. What is wrong with me?
-For an atheist, I sure do make a lot of references to God. “Oh God no” and “Thank God” are two of my big expressions. Heck, I even say “oy vey.”
-Why does Joey text message me on the cell phone when I’m on AIM?
-Too many people have birthday’s in February. Too many cards to buy and too many songs to sing.