Shosanna’s Comedy Night

Shosanna, a girl who leaves across the hall from me, had a bit of boy trouble. She went out on a date with a guy she liked in fifth grade, but apparently she’s out grown those feelings. There were hopes this could become a friendship, but he kept persisting on a relationship. The guy asked Sho to a comedy night and she reluctantly said yes. However, it finally struck her that she would be alone with him. What to do? I (yes I do have a part in this story) tell her that Panda has an extra ticket. Sho gets the ticket to give to her roommate Jacqueline and they’ll pretend to run into each other. There seems to be a flaw in this story though, because they are roommates? Wouldn’t they know where they were going? We came up with a bunch of silly reasons. Just about every guy on the floor was asked to be Jacqueline’s date, even Eddie (who happens to be gay!!!!) Even worse, we asked Vicki and Jacqueline to pretend to be a lesbian couple. Eventually they decided to be just friends and meet show there secretly. However, it didn’t stop him from making a move on Shosanna, and she never wants to speak to him again. Good riddens.