Subjournal-Today’s installment

I just realized I’m gonna have to come up with one really lame title after another. That’s what I get for just putting out random junk on the net.

-Christina finally saw the journal and stuck her tongue out at me. I guess that’s my clue to stop writing about her, but one last thing though. I made a really stupid comment that implied a few things… and let’s just say she said “In your dreams.” Ouch that hurt.
-In case you haven’t noticed all the stuff here is pretty PG, and I for some readon refrain from swear words.
-David doesn’t want me to put up his drinking stories on the net. That takes away so much good material for both journals.
-I was worried about my presentation going shorter than 5 mins. Turns out it went for 15. This is where I’m suppose to insert some witty comment, but nada.
-Subprofile giving me lots of problems. Too many popup ads, bad links, and lots of errors. This is where I’m suppose to insert another witty comment, but again nada.
-I’m finally learning how to use Adobe Premiere. Still would like a few more features like editing WMV and MP3 compression, but it’s stilll better than that super Limited Edition I had at home.
-My new website isn’t ready nor will it be ready for a while. Sorry.
-Wenjie left only 11 hours ago and she already misses us. We miss you too friend.