The Accident

I was looking forward to going home this weekend. After all, it was Thanksgiving break and it would give me a chance to see my family and friends. However, my cousin (who was driving me home) and I experienced something that will change our lives completely. You see, we got into a car accident and we’re wondering how we managed to get into it and how we got out of it alive. We were driving Southbound towards Los Angeles when all of a sudden, the car just span out of control. We span past the medium, into the northbound lane, into the fencing and into a ditch. Luckily, we weren’t hurt seriously, though my cousin Nicole suffered some minor cuts. Yet the car was a total wreck and we had not way of salvaging it. Thankfully some nice people on their way to Stockton dropped by the call CHP and got them to the scene. The CHP got us to a motel in Los Banos, but owed the car to another city. We don’t know how we span out or how we didn’t get hit by any cars. It might of had something to do with being rear ended by 10 minutes ago, yet we did not have any major damage on the car. I feel bad for my cousin, she didn’t really want to go back to LA, but decided to take me there. My parents plan on arriving here in this motel in the morning, but I wonder what happens next, with this wild unpredictable world.

Edit: The next day, my uncle and my mom came up and drove us back down to LA. I came back a few hours after 10 and finally saw my family in months. Interesting experience I had a day I should never forget.