So much for the short entries. More and more on me and my life now.

-I didn’t put a subject on this one because, well it doesn’t focus on one particular thing.
-I would have had this up sooner, but Joyce needed my help and I answered the call.
-You know it takes me forever to help Sam, Christina, or anybody else with their math homework and yet if they were my homework problems they would be done in no time. Strange.
-And speaking of Sam, thanks for putting me in your journal. I thought I’d be cool and put you in mine.
-Home sickness still coursing through me. Just a few more days Allen… Just a few more days…Just a few more…Just a few…
-Talked to Fabian via Video conferencing. Damn his flashlight to hell.
-I miss you too Julie and yes that is my sister’s sn.
-No spell check means you’ll have to put up with a few spelling errors. Remember i before e except after c, Allen.
-A lot of my girl friends find little sisters cute. Fred hangs up a picture of his just for them . It works too, as all the girls come into our room looking at her pic and say “How cute!”. Now where’s that photo album…
-My burner doesn’t work. And to make matters worse, I only have 1Gb of hard drive left. Looks like no more Kazaa for me.
-More problems: I have no more meal swipes for the semester at the DC. Dining dollars? Spent them all. Does this mean I’m actually going to cook myself something? Hell no!
-I thought these entries would be short, but they take up more space than the journal.
-Webcams are still cool. Get one now.
-If there seem to be only two funny entries in this journal, there are.
-Went to Barnes and Nobles with Dave. Spent two hours reading books we didn’t buy. That’s not good.
-Chinyon owes me a buck, remember that Allen.
-Currently been without Dim Sum in 3 months. That’s way too long. And no way am I going to SF just for that.
-Joey now wears a cape. Only God knows why.
-Have you noticed how those single people sitcoms always have similar characters? The main guy is generally the funny one and has a wacky family, there’s an idiot best friend, sometimes a smart best friend, and the attractive one who seems to always get with the main guy and break up only to remain friends. I wonder if I do that with my group.
-In case you were wondering, I was planning to write a sitcom.

That’s a lot of stuff.