Subjournal-Short and Sweet

This is the new subjournal. It will serve as a companion to my livejournal. The entries will be shorter and will be updated more frequently than the livejournal. Why do I still have the live journal though? I can’t put pictures on this and I can put my own personal entries and the more memorable stuff (that means no more sock stories in the journal). Without further adieu, here are today’s entries.

Today’s entries:
-“California has won the big game.” Today, we beat our archrival Stanford and reclaimed the axe. Last year, we were 1-10 and had lost 7 straight to Stanford. Now those days are gone. Shame we’re banned from the bowl games this year.
-Yes Cal does have a football team.
-Home sickness starting to set in. I’m coming home soon though. And next thing you know I’ll want to come back to Cal.
-I actually talked to Eugene’s girlfriend on AIM on Friday. Yes ladies, Eugene has a girlfriend. Don’t despair ladies, I’m still available (all the ladies reading this go “damn it”).
-Need more subfriends…Need more subfriends…Need more subfriends…Need more subfriends…Need more subfriends…
-Speaking of Eugene, Christina finally found out what his screenname and she wasn’t happy. She went out to kill him. No girl stays mad at Eugene though and she had a good time talking to her last night.
-We also played a small prank on Christina the other night. She hates Justin Timberlake, but Fred does and she gave him some posters. Eugene, Fred, and I thought it’d be cool to put up the posters on her door and surprise her in the morning. Her roommates awoke and we ran away back to the safety of the third floor. Silly Fred actually missed the stairs though, even though she lives next door to them. He ran and hid in the balcony and luckily wasn’t caught.
-More livejournal entries will be coming soon.