1. Heroic Name-Richard
2. Real Name-Brian Boshes
3. Place of Origin-Scootsdale, Arizona
4. Major-EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Saving the world is a tough job for anyone and any team. Trying to do that and majoring in EECS may just be suicide. Brian can certainly stand up to any foe with his analytic mind and wrestling abilities, and could crack a joke about it in no time, thanks to his sharp wit. Juggling a full course load of engineering classes, and it certainly puts more fear into him than seeing White Mask. Not that he doesn’t enjoy the challenge nor does he not demonstrate his proficient with such EECS related fields like computers, physics, math, chemistry, and more. After hearing about the Superfriends, he decided to come all the way from his home state and enter the world of superheroics. It is true that he could gain more in the way of fighting ability, but with his lion heart, Richard’s brain and never quit attitude have been incredible assets to the team.